Professional Training Mind-body-Medicine @ Esalen

Last week I had the opportunity to be in a beautiful and liberal place called Esalen. An annual mind-body-training was held there.

People from all over the world were together to practice mind-body-medicine. Even Medical-universities send their staff there, to join this training and offer students mind-body skills.

When I spoke with various physicians, they were practicing Integrative Medicine, holistic medicine, mind-body medicine or ‘new’ medicine already at there home-town.

While I was surprised being so surrounded with like wise physicians, they were surprised that Integrative Medicine or even Lifestyle medicine is still so new in the Netherlands. Especially since the Netherlands is known as a progressive country. Maybe the need for a healthier health-care system was already higher in USA than the Netherlands?

Here a small summary were mind-body-medicine stands for. Mind-body-medicine has 7 pillars listed below:

  1. Uniqueness: individualized therapeutic approaches (everybody is different and needs different treatment)
  2. Holism: the whole body is involved; mind-body-spirit
  3. Healing Partnerships: not compliance, but collaboration
  4. Self-Care: the heart of the treatment is to give patient tools for self-care. (learn people how to fish and give them fishing rod)
  5. Other Healing Systems: use other complementary treatment solutions (evidenced based), work together)
  6. Group Support: work with more people at the same time, to get this support
  7. Spirituality and transformation: Have a right outlook, feel connected

Some self-care options listed below:

  1. Self awareness (journals, drawings, movement and dance)
  2. Meditation (expressive, concentrative and awareness)
  3. Biofeedback
  4. Relaxation
  5. Imagery/self-hypnosis
  6. Prayer
  7. Nutrition
  8. Exercise

During this training we practiced a lot in self care. Although the tools are simple, I find it difficult to implement this in my life (especially having a jetlag). I learned that I have to choose a specific meditation which is right for me. I have to do it daily for a period of time and have a particular hour where and when I do it.

There are different kinds of meditations and self awareness tools. I tried mindfulness before but did not like it. For me a guided imagery or an expressive meditations helps me focus (expressive) or sleep better (imagery).

Thank you faculty of CMBM for making this experience possible! Thanks to Jim Gordon, Amy Shinal, Toni Bakston, Susan Blom, Thomas Jackson, Kathleen Farah, Jerol Kimmel, Lora Matz, Sabrina N’Diaye, Gjorgji Nikoloski, Jen Phelps and Lynda Richtsmeier.

And my own mind-body skill group!

Do you want more information about mind-body-medicine or want to improve your self-care?

If you are interested in a mind-body skill group, a workshop about mind-body medicine, an online mind body program or 1-on-1 coaching. You can send me a message at or book a phone call at my website:

Which self care tool do you want to implement in your life?

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