Hippocrates: "First do no harm" 

Mind-body & Integrative Medicine

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Mind-body Medicine

We will practice different mind-body techniques together to help your body and mind to relax.

You will have time to practice this at home.

In addition we could look at your lifestyle, unconscious fixed patterns and also increasing your awareness.

I use techniques such as: breathing, mindfulness, meditation, visualizations, imaginations and voice dialogue. 

I experience this as soft, but also confronting methods.

Integrative Medicine

Do you have questions about alternative and complementary treatments?

I can help you figure out what evidence there is for certain treatments and conditions.

I use questionnaires, an extensive intake form and a personal interview. So you have the possibility to put everything in order.

Together we look for what is needed for you to help experience better health. 

Workshops en training

More and more often I am asked to speak about lifestyle, mind-body medicine or Integrative Medicine.

Also interested?

Schedule a telephone request in my agenda. You can also mail me or fill in the contact form.

Information about the practice

Big-registration: 49915511801 

AVIG-number: 1242

AGB code practice: 84057849

AGB code personaly: 84111770

KvK number:  65697693

Phone number

(+31) 0612970850


Locations in Amsterdam

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