Mind-body medicine


Chronic stress, pain and unknown symptoms


Are you ready for a place where you can be? A place where you can go with your physical, emotional, mental and spirital complaints?

Do you feel stuck and not healthy? For a long period of time? You don't have to face it alone. 

Compazzi offers a place where you find yourself again, with help. And making steps towards health. 

Does this appeal to you?

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About Annemarie

Annemarie Semeijn is a coach, counselor and a doctor. She treats you as a whole person with a body, a mind and a soul.

Investigating together which steps are needed.

The sessions can be more practical (coaching), in-depth (counseling) or medical (doctor). Depending on your needs.

The guidance could take place on my location or by online video chat. The online option gives you the chance to start sessions if you are too tired or sick to visit.

Satisfied clients

"The difference in energy level after my first session was huge."

"I am happy to have taken this path because it has taught me to listen to my intuition"

"I thought that stress was part of my work as a doctor, but I have now experienced that things can be done differently"

"I was impressed by the peace and attention Annemarie put into a session."

"Annemarie is very empathetic and asks very good questions where she comes to the heart of the problem."

"The approach fits me."

"Given the work we did in the sessions, it seemed many more"

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Mind body balance
  • 1-on-1 counseling
  • Group training
  • Training for professionals
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Information about the practice

Big-registration: 49915511801 

AVIG-number: 1242

AGB code practice: 84057849

AGB code personaly: 84111770

KvK number:  65697693

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(+31) 0612970850


Locations in Amsterdam

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