Coach, counselor en doctor

About Annemarie

In my personal experience i know how difficult it is to be stuck. I felt liberated when i started doing what i really wanted to do. 

After a long study of 9 years I was a GP. After helping many people with various problems, I suddenly needed help myself. 

I wanted to continue as a GP for my patients and collegues. But not for myself. Then I started with a 2 year Integrative coach-counselor training.

After completing this training I became a coach, counselor and doctor and gave myself permission to combine this. My integral view is helpful for colleagues, patients, clients, students and myself. 

In the sessions and my lessons I am practical, in-depth but also medical. I use regular techniques (solution-oriented, CBT, voice dialogue, lifestyle) as well as complementary techniques (mindfulness, meditation, imagination, energetic).


In addition to my own practice Compazzi, I work at the University for medicine (VUMC) as a general practitioner-teacher and educational developer (SOLK and professionalism).

Since 2018 I have been giving various training and workshops in the areas of self-care, basic medical knowledge, unknown complaints, mind-body medicine and lifestyle.


Professional Mind-body medicine training at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine Esalen CA. October 2019

Integratieve Counselor at the Nederlandse Academie (2017-2019) en beroepscoach Practitioner (NOBCO) & Counselor-Coach (2017-2018). Before that GP training at VUmc (2013-2016) en Medicine  aan de Universiteit Utrecht (2005-2012)

Various trainings related to mind-body medicine, Integrative Medicine, lifestyle and teaching.


As a GP 2016-2018

As an AIOS (general practitioner in training) I have worked in various general practices, the emergency room, pediatrics and geriatric medicine.

Before that I worked as an ANIOS (basic physician) in mental health care in the crisis department and in a department for chronic care and addiction.

Information about the practice

Big-registration: 49915511801 

AVIG-number: 1242

AGB code practice: 84057849

AGB code personaly: 84111770

KvK number:  65697693

Phone number

(+31) 0612970850


Locations in Amsterdam

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